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Spring 1999


Dear Friends and Friends To Be;
 I am overwhelmed, I have heard from and talked to more old friends this Christmas season than I have in years.  At the same time, we have heard from thousands more new people this year than ever before.  The Internet has not been the largest part of this wonderful surge in business, but it hasn’t been the smallest part either.  If you have not visited our web site you should do so,  http://www.agrussell.com will get you there.  Even more important is that you give us your e-mail address and allow us to send you a special notice every week or so.  We are using these messages to our 4,000 e-mail buyers and the thousands more who have sent us their e-mail address, but have not yet bought anything, to dispose of those items where our quantities on hand are too few to put into a catalog.  We cannot afford the postage and printing for these kinds of notices so we are using e-mail.  All we need is your permission, and of course your e-mail address to put into your regular file.  You can include your e-mail address with your order or you can go direct to the form and request a catalog, then transmit it to us.

 If you have gotten one of our catalogs recently, you will know I often include a Medal of Honor Citation to give people someone besides sports and entertainment figures to appreciate.

  This Citation is for 1st Lt Charles P Murray Jr.

  Lt Murray enlisted at Wilmington NC, Born at Baltimore MD.
For commanding Company C, 30th Inf, displaying supreme courage and heroic initiative near Kayserberg, France, on 16 December 1944, while leading a reinforced platoon into enemy territory.  Descending into a valley beneath hilltop positions held by our troops, he observed a force of 200 Germans pouring deadly mortar, bazooka, machine gun, and small arms fire into an American Battalion occupying the crest of the ridge.  The enemy’s position in a sunken road, though hidden from the ridge, was open to a flank attack by Lt Murray’s patrol.  He hesitated to commit against a force almost twice his own and well disposed.  Crawling out ahead of his troops to a vantage point, he called by radio for artillery fire.  The first shells bracketed the German force, but when he was about to correct the range his radio went dead.  He returned to his patrol, secured rifle grenades and went back to his outpost.  His first shots disclosed his position, bringing heavy fire on his position as he continued to send missiles into the narrow defile.  Again he returned to his patrol, with an automatic rifle and ammunition he once more moved to his exposed position.  Burst after burst he fired into the enemy, killing 20, wounding many others and completely disorganizing its ranks, which began to withdraw.  He prevented the removal of three German mortars by knocking out a truck.  By that time a mortar had been brought to his support.  First Lt. Murray directed fire of this weapon causing further casualties and confusion in the German ranks.  Calling on his patrol to follow, he then moved out toward his original objective, possession of a bridge and construction of a roadblock.  He captured 10 Germans in foxholes.  An eleventh, while pretending to surrender, threw a grenade which knocked him to the ground, inflicting 8 wounds.  Though suffering and bleeding profusely, he refused to return to the rear until he had chosen the spot for the block and had seen his men correctly deployed.  By his single handed attack on an overwhelming force and by his intrepid and heroic fighting Lt Murray stopped a counterattack, established an advanced position against formidable odds and provided an inspiring example for the men of his command.

 Maybe you could consider, while this man is fresh in your mind, writing, faxing or e-mailing your Congressman, and suggesting to him that the Army could solve its recruiting problems if the salaries of the troops were raised by 50-100%.  Retiring half of the Generals would help pay for that.

All the best,

A.G. Russell

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