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February 1998

Dear Friend;

I made a commitment to you our customers to profile a Medal of Honor recipient in this space from time to time. I have come to believe that the happier people are, the harder it is to think about those who have sacrificed to contribute to that happiness. It is even more important during these times, to think about the "heroes" who together have made it possible for our country to be what it is today.

I want to tell you about one of my personal heroes. Capt. (when I knew him) Charles Swope was a First Lt. commanding a reconnaissance Platoon in Europe in 1945. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, more than one Silver Star, several Bronze Stars ( with V for Valor) and so many Purple Hearts that you could not see the ribbon for the oak leaf clusters. He had several medals for bravery from Belgium, The Netherlands and from France. I served as his company clerk at Ft. Benning in the 1950's. Capt. Swope was one of the quietest, most modest, commanders I knew in more than thirty years of living with the Army. If anyone can tell me where he is, I would like to hear.

All the best,

A.G. Russell

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