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February 1997

Dear Friend;

What a flood of letters we got, over 99% in favor. One customer could not bring himself to encourage us to glorify people who were trained to kill other people but said it was my press and he believed in freedom of the press, One said it is a waste because everybody reading my letters already felt this way, and two said stick to knives and stay away from ideology. The most common response was agreement with my basic statement but the wish that I talk about other heroic peoples as well. I not only agree I had already planned to open with the following.

True Heroes

If you want to know who the heroes of today's world are, look around; not at overpaid ball players and rock stars but at the parents who work long hours, often at two or more jobs, to provide for their children. Who then spend the little time left trying to instill in those children the precepts of their own parents; honesty, integrity, hard work, care for others, a belief in country, family, God and self. This kind of heroism is much tougher than winning a medal, it requires the same difficult behavior year after year after year. All of this made harder by a government that keeps saying "why work so hard, let us do all this for you". God bless those with the integrity to do it their own way. When you see people like this, give them what help you can, not money, they don't want your hand-out anymore than they do the government's. You may be able to help with a better job; you can certainly encourage by letting them know you admire their principles. It seems to me that often fumes the person working to uphold these values feels that the rest of the world "marches to a different drummer".

If you want heroes for your children and grandchildren you can find them in your own town. It is true that not every Fireman and Police officer is a hero, on the other hand they all know that any day, at any moment they may have to lay their life on the line for a total stranger. The person, young or old, who jumps into a river to pull people to safety should be made much of and pointed out as someone to admire.

Don't keep making young people think that making a lot of money is something to admire. Keep them aware that only money made with integrity and honesty should be admired. Every person in any way related to the Savings and Loan fiasco should be deeply ashamed and so of course should the senators and congressmen who, for a few hundred thousand dollars each, allowed the looting of billions of dollars from the American People.

If your love is sports then tell the kids about the great ball players like Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, Bret Favre, Troy Aikman, Ken Griffey, Jr., Michael Jordon, and the hundreds of others who loved the game and played for pleasure and for a living not for millions of dollars a year and $10 to $50 from every kid who wants an autograph.

The real message here is to not leave your children's or grandchildren's thought processes to be formed by television or the schoolyards or even the schools. YOU should be telling your children what is right and what is wrong and if it conflicts with their already formed view explain why they should reject those views.

The late spring version of this catalog, which mails in late March, will honor two medal of honor recipients.

All the best,

A. G. Russell

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