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August 1997

Dear Friend;

It is difficult for me to read about young men sacrificing themselves. I usually read ten or so of these for each one I print. I guess I'm getting old.

I don't know if the subject of this citation survived or not, he certainly deserved to. Please read about Sgt. George D. Libby of Company C, 3rd Engineer Bn, 24th Inf Division.

Born in Bridgton, Maine, Libby entered the service in Waterbury, CT. On August 2, 1951, near Taejon, Korea, Sgt. Libby distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity about and beyond the call of duty. While breaking through an enemy encirclement, the vehicle in which he was riding came under devastating fire which disabled the truck, killing or wounding everybody in the truck except Sgt. Libby. Taking cover in a ditch, Sgt. Libby engaged the enemy and despite the heavy fire, crossed the road twice to administer aid to his wounded comrades. He then hailed a passing M-5 artillery tractor and helped the wounded aboard. The enemy was directing intense small arms fire at the driver. Sgt Libby, realizing that no one else could operate the vehicle, placed himself between the driver and the enemy, shielding the driver while he, Libby, returned the enemy fire. During this action, he received several wounds in the arms and body. Continuing through the town, the tractor made frequent stops and Sgt. Libby helped more wounded aboard. Refusing first aid, he continued to shield the driver and returned enemy fire when another roadblock was encountered. Sgt. Libby received additional wounds but held his position until he lost consciousness. Sgt. Libby's sustained, heroic actions enabled his comrades to reach friendly lines. His dauntless courage and gallant self-sacrifice reflect the highest credit upon himself and upon the Armed Services of the United States.

I just had a great response to my plea for help in the July e-mail offer to our 4,000 e-mail members of the Knife Collectors Club. Almost 200 people responded with information and helpful suggestions, and more orders than ever before on the internet (not very many, but more than ever before). It's a beginning. If you use the internet for e-mail, send your e-mail address and we will send notices about specials.

All the best,

A.G. Russell

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