The Medal of Honor -- An A.G. Russell Tribute Page

Few stories embody the American spirit like those of Medal of Honor recipients.

A.G. Russell started talking about Heroes in America in the Winter 1997 Catalog of Knives. He received a large number of positive responses to his letter. This page will be a tribute to those 4000 + Americans who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

It almost seems unfashionable to talk of Honor and Valor in this day and age. For these men it was a way of life. It was that selfless devotion to others in the face of extreme adversity to which we pay tribute here.

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Full Medal of Honor Listings:

A.G. Russell's Message on Heroes in America

Late Spring 1997 - Gary I. Gordon & Randall D. Shughart - 1993 Somalia

Summer 1997 - Harold C. Angerholm - Saipan 1944

Late Summer 1997 - Thomas A. Baker - Saipan 1944

Fall 1997 - John Henry Pruitt - France 1918

Late Fall 1997 - George D. Libby - Taejon, Korea

A personal Hero - Capt. Charles Swope

Fall 1998 - Donald G. Cook

Spring 1999 - Charles P Murray Jr.

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