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July 1997

Dear Friend;

There are two things which I would like to cover in this letter. First, as I am trying to do in each catalog, I would like to tell you about an American hero. I am going to skip back to WW I and a man who so impressed the powers that were, that they not only awarded him the Navy Medal of Honor, they also awarded him the Army Medal of Honor. There have been five of these double awards; there have also been 14 cases of men who have been awarded the Medal on a second occasion.

Navy MOHArmy MOHJohn Henry Pruitt, born in Fayetteville, Arkansas on 4 October, 1896, had enlisted from Phoenix, Arizona and was a Corporal of Marines on 3 October, 1918, one day before his 22nd birthday, when the action took place at Blanc Mont Ridge, France. Separated from his unit while performing duty as a sniper, he saw his unit taken under fire by 2 machine guns. Gallantly attacking both guns single handedly, killing two of the machine gunners and capturing the balance of both crews, he also took over thirty prisoners from a nearby dugout. Corporal Pruitt was later killed by shellfire after he had returned to his work as a sniper.

I have noticed that in many of the World War I citations there are many prisoners taken. I can only credit this to the fact that these German troops had undergone four years of the worst kind of warfare and were so badly beaten down mentally and physically that they surrendered more easily than they would have in the first few years of the war.

Secondly, if you find yourself in the center of the United States, I would like to invite you to come to Springdale and visit our store. We are 115 miles due east of Tulsa, by way of Highway 412, about 150 miles due south of Kansas City and 50 miles north of Fort Smith, on Highway 71. Highway 71 runs from the Canadian border to New Orleans. We are located in Springdale, on Business Highway 71 about half way between Interstate 44 to the north and Interstate 40 to the south.

We very much appreciate your business and friendship. If you value the quality of service and our commitment to you, please tell your friends. If your friends like fine knives or quality gifts for men, they need to know about us.

All the best,

A.G. Russell

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